Elekta R&D update at University Medical Center Utrecht

Elekta R&D update at University Medical Center Utrecht

Elekta welcomes investors, analysts and media to an update on its investments in R&D, with special attention to the Atlantic project: a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guided radiation therapy system.

Niklas Savander, Elekta’s President and CEO; Dee Mathieson, Senior Vice President, Elekta Oncology; and Kevin Brown, Elekta’s Global Vice President Scientific Research, will talk about Elekta's R&D investments in general as well as the status of the project and the milestones to market introduction of the MRI-guided linear accelerator in particular. 

Following these presentations, UMC professors Jan Lagendijk, Head of Radiation Oncology, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Physics; Marco van Vulpen, Professor of Radiation Therapy and MRI; and Bas Raaymakers, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Radiotherapy, will discuss the clinical relevance of MRI-guided radiation therapy for those attending the live event in Utrecht.

*Note that presentations by UMC staff will not be transmitted or recorded via webcast or conference call.